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Witnessing two people commit to each other forever, in front of everyone they love is absolutely priceless.


10 years & 35 weddings later, I can confidently say this is my favorite type of video to make. Every detail matters & every moment counts because it only happens once.

Everybody's love story is different which is why I get so excited making these "time capsule" memories. All I want to do is use film to put a smile on your face and tears in your eyes with a memory that'll last a lifetime.

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Allison & Steve Get Married (Highlight)
Elizabeth & Arik Get Married (Documentary)
John & Aeriel Get Married (Highlight)
Kimberly & Brian Get Married (Highlight)
Rebecca & Aric Get Married (Highlight)
The Jones Wedding (Highlight)
Allison & Steve Get Married (Documentary)
John & Aeriel Get Married (Documentary)





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  • When is payment needed by?
    Every The Place For Things Production has two payments*. The first payment is the deposit, which is required to lock down a filming date and is anywhere between 50% & 65% of the total budget. The second and final payment is due upon compeltion of filming. This is non-negotiable. We hope you understand. *Excluding the $500 Music Video Special. The full payment's required to book the filming date.
  • I just paid my deposit, where do I go from here?"
    Well first off, congratulations. You're one step closer to releasing some Hollywood caliber videos. After the deposit is made, we will discuss film date(s) and book travel.
  • Who takes care of travel?
    The artist is responsible for compensating the filmmaker's travel cost. Uber, lyft, taxi, airplane.
  • Who picks the cast?
    Every situation is different but casting typically falls under the "producers" juristiction so in most cases, the artist will be responsible for casting.
  • Who comes up with the ideas for the video?
    Typically, the artist comes up with the idea/concept for the video and the director brings that vision to life. If you're not comfortable concepting for your video, we can build a concept for an additional fee.
  • What all do you do when you Direct a video?
    This is a tricky question because all projects are genuinely different, but a good rule of thumb for the directors role is the "quarterback" on film days. They write off on all creative decisions before they're made and are responsible for communicating emotion/intention to actors all while maintaining morale during the shoot.
  • When is it best to shoot a video?
    We prefer to film between the hours of 5:00 am - 11:00 am and 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm. We've also found that weekdays are typically the least stressful for filming.
  • Do drones cost extra?
    Absolutely! It's an additional piece of equipment that sometimes requires a permit and ALWAYS requires a drone operator to fly it safely and effectively.
  • Is there any video "style" that you wont do?"
    Because every project is different and there is no "one size fits all solution" to filmmaking - yes, there absolutely are styles I won't make. VFX heavy/effect based videos are at the top of that list.
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