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This sounds too good to be true, is it?

Short answer, fuck yes it absolutely is. Longer answer, no - because it is the real deal. I created The Place For Things under the motto of "Keep Making Things", so I try to offer this sale once a year in order to hone my craft and give underfunded and underexposed artists an opportunity to make a professional music video they can be proud of. Because of this, The Place For Things is the exclusive Executive Producer on all $500 music video sales. If you have more questions, please continue reading. There's important information below.

Who Directs and Films my Music Video?

Dylan Fout.

What is the turnaround time on my music video?

I do my best to get the finished video back to you in under a month, but because this is a ridiculous special and I get booked up with a ton of videos, extremely quick, it can take up to 3 months. Please plan your release schedaule around this detail. Trust me, it's always worth it.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full BEFORE filming takes place. Your payment secures your filming date and adds you to my filming calendar.

How many film dates does my purchase get me?

I respect your greediness but it's only one film day, 6 hours or less. If your project requires more time, we can discuss any additional payments that will need to be made.

Who comes up with the Music Video concept?

Because this is such an affordable video, the artist is responsible for coming up with the music video theme, concept, art direction, actors, props, etc.

Who "produces" the video?

Because this is such an affordable video, the artist is responsible for producing the video. What does that mean? Great question. It means the artist is 110% in charge of purchasing any necessary props, booking the locations, hiring any additional crew, actors, and extras that're needed to bring their vision to life.

How long does this special last?

Not long enough to sit around with your thumb up your butt! We only offer this once a year and we limit the amount of artists who can book it to 25 so don't blow it by spending your money on things that do not move your career forward.

How do I book my Music Video TODAY?

Respect to you for investing in yourself and your dreams. If you want to book your $500 video today, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we'll send you an invoice + contract immediately.

Can I book more than one Music Video?

Absa-fuckin-lootly. Most Directors charge $1500+ for a day of filming so I encourage you to get your money's worth while you have the chance.

Who covers travel costs?

The artist is responsible for compensating the Director for the flights. Disclaimer: We will NOT fly Spirit or Frontier. We prefer to fly Southwest. This is because of the two free checked bags. This actually keeps your costs lower than a cheap flight plus paying for checked bags.

Who "edits" the video?

Dylan Fout edits and color grades the video. This means he has final cut over ALL edits. This is too cheap of a video to be making edit requests. If you're looking to have more control over the final edit, we can discuss any additional payments that need to be made to cover your edit requests and suggestions.

What is "final cut"?

Put simply, final cut is the right to approve the version of a music video released for public viewing. Purchasing a $500 music video special gives the privilege of final cut to Dylan Fout. This is non-negotiable and a deal breaker if the artist can't agree to this.

Will Dylan be in Constant contact with me throughout the Process?

No. I want to make sure I'm managing your expectations appropriately. Am I happy to hop on a short phone call after we book the video? Absolutely, I want to hear where your head is at. Will I be available for 6 phone call meetings prior to the shoot? No, I will not so if you are looking for someone to hold your hand and comfort you leading up to the shoot, do NOT book this special. I personally HATE meetings and think they're a MASSIVE waste of brain power and creative energy. 99.9% of the time, anything said over a phone or zoom meeting could be transcribed into a 4 line email. Lets not waste each others time. I've made over 1000 music videos so I feel extremely comfortable showing up and executing my job on the film date. Put me in the location and I will turn water into wine.


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